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REETS Final Day 2015Tuesday, 10 November 2015 10:30


The Regional European Electronic Toll Service Project, the REETS Project will finalize its activities by the end of 2015. After the conclusion of the analytical phase, the REETS consortium has been actively working on the "monitoring phase" and on concrete 'pilot activities" undertaken by Toll Chargers together with Service Providers and Member States. 

The REETS partners have been engaged with key tasks such as the Interoperability Management (WP 5, the setting up of an Information Sharing resource Platform (WP 7) and on Monitoring/Implementation pilot operations (WP 8).The very key outcomes of these activities presented and discussed with the participants in order to underline the legacy of the REETS Project and the future of EETS in Europe. 

An interactive discussion with the key stakeholders and experts was crucial in order to fulfill “the return of experience” component of the project and ensure that the 'momentum' build by the project itself will continue in the future.


Click here to download the final programme


Click here to download the presentation:

Presentation General

Presentation 1st session (BMVI )

Presentation 1st session   (AISCAT- L7.1)

Presentation 1st session   (NoBos)

Presentation 1st session  (ASECAP - L7.3/4)

Presentation 1st session  (AETIS - SL7.3/4)

Presentation 2nd session (ASFINAG - L8)

Presentation 2nd session (ASFINAG - S&B - L5)

Presentation 2nd session (TELEPASS - SP1)

Presentation 2nd session(AGES - SP2)

Click here to see photos from the REETS DAYS

Click here to see the video of REETS DAYS









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