Analysis of current certification procedures covering conformity to specifications and suitability for use:

•    Sub activity 2.1 Identification and interpretation of local differences
Gathering the approaches and practices specific to conformity and suitability for use and analysing common elements and differences in order to deliver a shared picture of the existing situation.

•    Sub activity 2.2 – Building a shared understanding on Certification
Analyzing testing procedures, in particular those with cost/resource-intensive requirements and contributing to the profiling of specifications against which conformity assessment can be performed independently of  any toll domain. Curent, will be analysed. 

•    Sub activity 2.3 – Analysis of procedures for Suitability for Use Tests
Analysis of common elements, differences and potential problems of different suitability for use procedures in different toll domains to the extent possible to fully support Toll Chargers’ and EETS Providers’ respective needs and expectations.
Developing proposals for common structures of test procedures (trial operations and pilot operations).
Assessment of  variants of suitability for use procedures depending on the involvement of manufacturers and/or Notified Bodies.
Examination of the potential of shared test sites for DSRC based systems and enforcement systems for GNSS based systems.

The expected results will be described in the following deliverables:

•    D 2.1 Assessment report on certification (conformity and suitability for use) approaches and practices of the EETS Stakeholders (Member States, Toll Chargers, EETS Providers, Manufacturers, Notified Bodies)
•    D 2.2 Report on Certification components (conformity to specifications)
•    D 2.3 Report on possible optimization of procedures for the Suitability for Use


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