Back Office Interfaces

Back office interfaces as well as security policies and the possibilities for their harmonisation in order to ease the technical EETS implementation:

Sub activity 4.1 - Back Office Interfaces
Working towards the harmonisation of the interface content and processes (like exception lists or toll transaction exchanges, etc.) to the extent possible. Creation of a concept for a common interface test system allowing both EETS Providers and Toll Chargers to preliminarily test (suitability for use) their own systems before going into full-fledged suitability for use tests.
Development of a common test and examination framework for back office interfaces suitable for the use in the DSRC and in the GNSS schemes. A common test system, based on a common set of test cases, but covering several toll domains, would be beneficial for EETS Providers and Toll Chargers.

Sub activity 4.2 - Security Policy
Standardization norm ISO TS 16439 “EFC Security Framework” provides requirements for Toll Chargers and Service Providers. However, this security framework does not provide a security policy for a specific context like EETS to derive actual requirements for implementation. Agreeing on a minimum level of security elements is crucial to improve trust of all EETS stakeholders and to simplify technical implementations and testing.

The expected results will be described in the following deliverables:

•    D 4.1 Definition of Back Office Interfaces and of preliminary tests
•    D 4.2 Inputs to CEN for the on-going work on the Interoperable Application Profile (IAP) for EN ISO 12855
•    D 4.3 Report on security requirements in different toll domains and a proposal for a security profile


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